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Handmade Rag Paper: Short Info

Vintage map reproductions printed on a handmade paper

Image source: Kobeica

The expansion of handmade paper production in Europe began after the invention of book printing in the middle of the 15th century. Originally, it was made from linen, hemp, cotton and other textile ragsĀ  before being replaced with better available wood chips. The handmade paper we use to print our maps is made according to the original recipe, that is, of flax and hemp.

We Are Open!

Image Source: miss_rogue, Flickr

After months of preparation, today is Kobeica launch day! There are dozens of wonderful handmade paper sheets in three sizes waiting to be matched with some lovely vintage maps. It is a big day for me as I can finally start sharing my love of geography, maps, history, and for topophilia, a concept that stands for the love of a place; either instant amazement by a stunning unknown landscape or a long-term love of a place that we call our home.)