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What Does “Kobeica” Mean?

Many people have asked me this question in the last few months. As far as I know the word „kobeica“ has no official meaning in any language. Yet it means a lot to me. According to our family legends, I invented the word as a two-year-old, using “kobeica” to refer to all of the subjects around me. My father really liked the word and in order to give it some proper meaning, his pliers and screwdrivers case was named “kobeica” for many years. So the word lived with me for pretty much my entire childhood. And a couple of months ago, when I had to come up with a name for my e-store, I knew immediately that the time had come to give the word a somewhat more sexy meaning than just a screwdrivers case. “My word” as a name for “My e-store” that is :-).

The slogan “Here, There, Everywhere” is also a part of the Kobeica logo (and identity). It was chosen for two reasons. First, all of them are adverbials of place – they define a location. And this is what antique maps are about: places and their depiction throughout history. The second and no less important reason is that the slogan is a clear reference to the Beatles song “Here, There and Everywhere”, which I adore as much as I adore The Beatles itself.:-)